Hello! I'm Gracen, and you're wonderful.

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Anonymous : what font is your header? thanks girl!

I’m so sorry, I can’t find it! I thought I bookmarked the site but I guess not. If I do find it, I’ll post it for you!

preppynation92 : Hi, what would you wear with the jcrew navy linen skirt? I have awards day tomorrow at school and I need help! Plus I live in Alabama and it's kinda hot here! What do you think?

Sorry that I’m just now getting to this!

I love that skirt! You could tuck a flowy shirt or tank top into it, like I did here, or I love it with striped shirts like this! You cannot go wrong with stripes and the city mini! I haven’t taken an ootd with this combination, but button downs are cute too :) Hope this helps, and congrats on your award!

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I’ve decided to go with Lilly for my graduation dress!
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I. want. this.
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theclevernessofmorgan : Hi there! I'm new to Tumblr, and just wanted to say your blog is so perfect :)

Ahhh thank you!! You’re too kind :)

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